Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Our Day Our way!

So… getting right into it, Maria Ragain from Blooming Expressions Flowers (www.bloomingexpressionsflowers.com) was working on this amazing skeleton tree installation for a hair show at the Luna Multicultural Lab (www.lunaculturelab.org) and was inspired to do a photo shoot. When the opportunity came up I instantly jumped on board, despite the fact there were only 5 days to pull everything together. It was obvious that everything was going to have to be scaled down, but I had to keep the elegance on par with this breathtaking tree.

My first objective was to get an amazing photographer to capture the grandeur of the small details, especially since we were limited on space and time. Naturally, I asked Anna Padilla of Anna Marisol Photography (www.annamarisol.com), there isn’t anyone I trust more than her. She had a small window Friday morning that she was willing to let us have, we immediately said yes!

I should mention that because of the amount of time we were limited to, I called on those who I knew I could count on most like Patricia (Patty) Ibarra-Leup of Mr. Formal (www.mrformalaz.com), Sabrina Meyers of Classic Event and Tent Rentals (www.classicpartyrentals.com), and of course Jacinda Askew of Molina Bridal (www.molinabridal.com)

Yet again, Patty came to the rescue and secured another amazing model, Chris Banks, who had just the right look for our shoot, and I called on a friend I had worked with in the past, Jewel Hughes Byrd to model our gown. 

For the hair and makeup, I had the opportunity to meet with Dania Blanco of Cosmiix Artistry (www.cosmiix.com), a super talented makeup artist.

I can’t say that I will ever put it on myself to tackle another photo shoot with less than a week to plan it; it was the most stressful, sleep deprived, worrisome five days of my life. I would literally wake up from sleep trying to figure out how this was all going to come together, and I was terrified that, even if it did what would it all look like? I was most worried about letting everyone involved down if things didn’t live up to their expectations. It was Thursday evening when I had
everything finalized and guaranteed, and the shoot was first thing Friday morning! The result was so much more than I could have ever hoped for! Everyone’s contributions came together as if they were always meant to go together. This, in addition to Anna’s creative eye and attention to detail, made this shoot a spectacular success!

Our amazing table setup provided by Classic Event and Tent Rentals (www.classicpartyrentals.com). We fell in love with these beautiful silver bowls that could sit upright or on an angle as pictured!

I absolutely loved Anna's creative eye and her inspiration to take our models outside to capture this shot echoing the mural outside of the Luna Multicultural Lab. (annamarisol.com)(lunaculturelab.org)

The final image below to be one of my favorites the look on Chris' face perfectly captures everything that I wanted this shoot to portray. It is almost vampiric or what you might see when looking at Victorian photographs.